open climate fix and non-profit

PhD and MSc

student project


online courses, conferences, open science, funding, and workshop

software engineering, programming, robotics, electronics, code documentation, linux, laptop, UML, and 1-wire

document authoring, Emacs, LaTeX, Lyx, Zotero, and bibliographies

machine learning

GNUplot, diagrams, graphs, data visualisation, and MetaUML

disaggregation and nilm



children, teaching, belham, kids, and making

green diary, refurbishment, MVHR, insulation, under floor heating, windows, lights, solar, solar thermal, air quality, and climate change mitigation

climate science

photography and colour

transport, travel, train, rail strikes, ferry, and plane

food, garden, plants, waste, worms, wormery, and rainwater

smart meters, alertme, CurrentCost, EcoManager, google power meter, electrical efficiency, and DECC

notes, filmmaking, and video

htpc, xbmc, and mythtv