Our ‘UK Domestic Appliance-Level Electricity (UK-DALE)’ dataset was released earlier this year (here’s our paper on the dataset). Up until now, the data available consisted of data recorded every second (for the whole house power demand of two houses) or recorded every six seconds (for all appliance-level data and the whole-house demand for all four houses). But I also recorded voltage and current at 16kHz for two houses. I have finally gotten round to figuring out how to put almost 4 TBytes of data online.

The 16kHz signal is compressed as FLAC and is available in 1 hour chunks (each chunk is about 200 MBytes in size). You can download it using anonymous FTP. Details here under the section ‘The full 16 kHz dataset via FTP’.

And, while we’re on the topic of updates to UK-DALE, a little while ago I updated the metadata for UK-DALE to bring it into line with the new NILM Metadata v0.2 schema, and I also updated the NILMTK converter for UK-DALE.