Over the past week, it has become clear that there are lots of people out there who are highly skilled, and passionate about trying to fix climate change. This is awesome.

It’s also clear that we need somewhere for this community to gather, exchange ideas, connect, work on each other’s projects, and generally support each other. The message could be: “yes, fixing climate change is going to be very hard. But look at all these amazing people who are already doing impactful work. You can join in, and here’s how!”

Maybe this would be a blog and/or a YouTube channel and/or a podcast. Some content written by journalists. Some content written by the people who are already running projects. And/or a mailing list. Perhaps with a database of projects.

The focus would be on practical, scalable projects, happening right now. Lots of juicy detail where appropriate.

The target audience would be skilled people who can actually get stuck into projects - either just a few hours a month, or by leaving their current job and diving in head-first.

This wouldn’t be an academic journal - the focus would be on practical interventions, and the content would be attractive and fun to read.

There would also be a strong focus on the climate impact - if an intervention is, at best, only going to save a hundred tonnes of CO2 then that needs to be called out.

Would this be useful?

Does anything similar already exist (if so, please link to existing projects in teh comments below!)