Why the Canon HV20 is a poor choice for car mounts

The bottom line is that the HV20’s single CMOS imager has a rolling shutter (i.e. it doesn’t read one entire frame at a time - instead it reads the top line first, then the second line, then the third etc etc). This produces nasty artefacts when the camera is vibrated. The resulting images look a little like jelly.

Will the Sony FX1 / Z1 / V1 be suitable for car-mounts?

Bottom line: the FX1 and Z1 should both be fine. There are some reports of bad results when strapping the camera to quad-bikes but the cameras should be fine when used on “normal” cars doing “normal” driving. The jury is still out on the V1 (it has CMOS sensors and hence possibly a bad rolling shutter).

General car-mount advice and discussion

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