On Saturday 26th September 2009 there was a lovely festival in my local park so I filmed it. The festival was called The Warwick Wingding 2009 and was oranised by the Friends of the Warwick Gardens.

Music used in the film (in order)

  • First DJ Mickey Smith introduces the afternoon
  • DR. KING
  • SHY FX - original nutta

The warwick wingding was funded by Capital Community Fund Grassroots grant and supported by London Borough of Southwark

Technical details

Video shot on a Panasonic GH1 (PAL) at 720/50p; converted to Cineform and edited in Premiere Pro; graded using Premiere Pro. All music was recorded directly from the event's mixing desk.

I use a B-Hague Maxi Motion Stabiliser for some of the "steadicam" shots. Several of the shots were also stabilised in post using SynthEyes.

I mostly used old, manual-focus Nikon prime lenses. I tried using a Fader ND for some of the shots but it doesn't flare particularly elegantly. Most of the flares I'm happiest with were shot on my 28mm f2.8 prime stopped down to about f11.

The grading was quite blunt. I didn't do any power windows or anything within the frame - all the grading is simple a case of warming the image up and crushing the blacks and tinkering with the gamma.