From 1999 - 2009, I worked on a range of films. I moved from filmmaking to computer science in 2010.

date position title format production company / client
Warwick Wingding Festival video
micro four thirds HD
Warwick Wingding
Energy and Climate Change: Contribution of Complexity Science
DV & slides
London School of Economics Complexity Group & Open University
Production sound recordist
Panorama: The Trauma Industry
Broadcast documentary
Many Rivers Films
Project Dirt: Green Reasons to be Happy
DV short film
Changents / Project Dirt
Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery video
micro four thirds HD Building Design Mag
Videos for Advertisers
micro four thirds HD Stylist Magazine
Good Housekeeping market research videos
micro four thirds HD Tim Ewington / NatMags
Playing the Pint
micro four thirds HD Consolidated PR
Media Awards Video
micro four thirds HD Shortlist Magazine
Multiple market research videos
35mm adapter DV
Human Capital / News International / Future Publishing
Multiple interviews of Directors & Writers
35mm adapter DV
Vox pop interviews
35mm adapter DV
BBC / Human Capital
2008 Prod/Camera Filming a conference DV Cardiac Coherence
2008 Prod/Cam/Post Climate Change Outreach training 35mm adapter DV COIN
2008 Prod/Cam/Post ShortList Ad Sales video profiles 35mm adapter DV ShortList magazine / Human Capital
2008 Prod/Cam/Post Numerous video interviews 35mm adapter DV interviews Axiom Films
2008 Prod/Post Afterglow HDCAM F900R short film DeFusion Films
2008 additional Cam/Sound Recordist Car Bomb DigiBeta TV documentary Many Rivers Films / Channel 4
2008 Prod/Cam/Post UKTV Groups DV - more research sessions UKTV / Human Capital
2007 Dir/Prod/Cam/Post Decision-making Workshop DV – filming a conference Sol-UK
2007 Prod/Post Neurotopographics HDCAM & stills & animation Wellcome Trust
2007 Prod/Cam/Post UKTV Groups DV - filming group research sessions UKTV / Human Capital
2007 Prod/Cam/Post Fusion Open Day 2007 HDV Fusion
2007 Dir/Prod/Cam/Post Interviews for annual strategy board meeting DV – filming interviews The Times / Human Capital
2007 Prod/Post Shiver HDCAM short film DeFusion Films
2007 Prod/Cam/Post Ghost Hunt DV – mock children's' TV program Joe Crowley
2007 Prod/Cam/Post Interview for Annual Strategy Meeting DV – filming interviews with media hot-shots Guardian Media Group / Human Capital
2007 Prod/Cam/Post Interview with Damon Albarn DV MSN Music Website
2007 Prod/Cam/Post Interview with Bloc Party DV MSN Music Website
2007 Edit Interviews for the re-launch of “Shoot” magazine DV IPC / Human Capital
2006 Co-Producer / Stills The Optician HDCAM short film Jane McGee
2006 Prod/Post Mirrors Super-16mm Short Film DeFusion Films & Focus Point Films Ltd
2006 Dir/Prod/Cam/Edit/Grade/Mix Versatrac HDV corporate video Focus Point Films Ltd
2005 Co-producer/stills Crack's back Varicam HD music video Soultrain Pictures
2005 Dir/Prod/Cam/Edit/Compositing Artist: Alex Smoke Track: Ja Future DV & stills composited in After Effects Music Vid for Soma Recordings
2005 Dir/Prod/Cam/Edit The Making of '6 Ways...' DV documentary about a short film Focus Point Films
2005 Dir/Prod/Cam/Edit Summer Maypole HDV and S16mm music vid (edited & finished in HD) Focus Point Films
2004 Producer / tech adviser / cam Animal Welfare DV 3 x 15min educational films Focus Point Films
2004 Camera op I want to be comedy DVcam live TV show DMI productions / Homechoice
2004 Camera op / Prod The Rush DV short film Focus Point Films Ltd
2003 Dir/Editor Twilight DV and 16mm short UCLU Productions
2002 Producer / stills A Trivial Pursuit S16mm Short Questionable Films Dir: Mark Anand
2001 Producer / stills The UK of A S16mm Short Dir: Alan Dorfman
2002 Production Coordinator / stills Property Apocalypse Now Multi-Camera 16mm & DigiBeta £120,000 short DMI Productions Dir/Prod: Mark Anand
2000 Production manager / stills Why Me? DigiBeta Short Director: Richard Williams
2000 1st AD / stills The Still S16mm Short Director: Nima Shayeghi
2000 Production assistant Mumbo Jumbo 35mm Feature Firelight Entertainment Dir: Stephen Cookson
2001 Production assistant The Unexpected Guest 16mm Short Dir: Brian Feltham
2001 Production assistant The Big Pig Escapade 16mm Short Dir: John Hayton
2003 Stills FCFTG DVcam music video DMI Productions
2001 Editor & Teacher community training course Teaching filmmaking to underprivileged kids T2k
2000 Score producer (and PM) Why Me? DigiBeta short Score written & performed by Ivo Neame @ RAM
2000 Editor Speakers’ Corner DV documentary Director: Andrew Cryan
2000 Stills One Gun DV Short Director: Jez Turner
2000 Runner & stills Blinding Love 16mm short Director: Bettina Fanz
2000 Runner & stills Black Lines S16mm Short Edenbridge Productions Dir: Gary Amer
2002 Runner Re-enactments for the Battle of Blenheim DVCam documentary Wark Clements for The Discovery Channel
2002 Extra Panorama - “Empathy” DigiBeta BBC
1999 Editor David’s Film video art Hi8 short David’s Productions