UKERC International Energy Summer School

I've just stumbled across an interesting opportunity: a week-long summer school at Warwick from 7-12th July 2013 specifically for 2nd year PhD students doing PhDs related to Energy. It's free to attend but apparently the summer school is significantly oversubscribed. It sounds like it might be a good opportunity to present my work to a wide community of researchers and also to network with a diverse bunch of interesting people.

I wonder if any of the (small number of!) folks who read my blog have been in previous years (or might be tempted to apply this year)?! I'm going to apply now...

Update 27/3/2013: I've been accepted to attend. Yay!



Three of the guys from my lab have been to this previously, and all highly recommended it. I'm afraid I didn't go though.

Great, thanks for the info!

I've been accepted to attend. Yay!

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