Making a "haunted staircase" for Halloween using a Touch Board & Ableton Live


For Halloween 2016, we made a "haunted staircase". Spooky sounds were triggered as unsuspecting trick-or-treaters walked up the stairs outside our house. This project won the Bare Conductive Halloween competition! This blog post describes how we made our staircase...

(the photo above was taken by my wife, Ginnie)

Here's a video of the final result, as demonstrated by my five year-old daughter, Olive:

Books with strong female characters suitable for 4 to 5 yearolds

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a rant on facebook where I asked for recommendations for "books with strong female characters which are suitable for 4 to 5 yearolds. Characters who can think for themselves. And get shit done. Without a prince. Or without trying to impress a prince."

I got loads of great suggestions from my friends. And these suggestions came in several different ways (chatting over coffee, facebook comments etc). So this blog post an attempt to maintain a list of links on the topic of "books with strong female characters".

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