Making a "haunted staircase" for Halloween using a Touch Board & Ableton Live


For Halloween 2016, we made a "haunted staircase". Spooky sounds were triggered as unsuspecting trick-or-treaters walked up the stairs outside our house. This project won the Bare Conductive Halloween competition! This blog post describes how we made our staircase...

(the photo above was taken by my wife, Ginnie)

Here's a video of the final result, as demonstrated by my five year-old daughter, Olive:

Maker Spaces in and around Peckham

There are (at least) two new "Maker Spaces" in or near to Peckham...

In Peckham's Bussey Building there is the new Hub Workshop which opened in 2015, I think. They have a laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router and some other cool things. Very excited about this as it's just a 10 minute walk from my house! Not sure they have much in the way of electronics test tools?

2nd "Making Session" with primary school kids

Yesterday I did my second 'making workshop' with fifteen 5-6 yearolds at our new local primary school, The Belham. For a bit more background, please see my last blog post on these 'making workshops'.

"Making" workshops with 4-6 yearolds

Yesterday I did my first 'making workshop' with fifteen 5-6 yearolds at our new local primary school, The Belham (my 4-yearold daughter has just started at The Belham). My hope with these workshops is to encourage the kids to try building interesting creations and, along the way, sneak in some stuff they might not have played with yet like basic electronics. I'll be doing two workshops a month. I suppose the main aim is to show how much fun it is to build stuff (which shouldn't be hard: the kids seem to know this instinctively).


The plan was for the children to get into three groups of five children. Each group would make one den out of cardboard boxes. If the kids wanted 'windows' cut into their boxes then they'd draw the outline of the window and an adult would come along and cut out the window. They'd then run plastic pipe between the dens to make 'telephones'. Then we'd install lights, batteries and switches in the dens. And it wasn't just me running the workshop: we had two awesome teaching assistants (i.e. two full-time staff from the nursery school) who were much better at handling the kids than I was!


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