Using iPhone photo GPS coordinates in Google Maps

Say you have a photo taken on an iPhone and you want to find out where it was taken.  How can this be done?  Easy:

  1. Open in a photo editor which lets you view the metadata.  For example, gwenview works well on Ubuntu.
  2. Find the following attributes (I'll give specific values to make this example concrete)
    1. GPS Longitude Reference = West
    2. GPS Latitude Reference = North
    3. GPS Longitude = 0deg 3.19000'
    4. GPS Latitude = 51deg 27.72000'
  3. Given the data above, you'd enter 51 27.72', -0 3.19' into Google Maps.  The minus before the latitude is there because the latitude reference is "west" instead of "east".

moving photos from Gallery2 to Flickr

From about 2003 until today, I kept my photos in a variety of places. Most of my photos were on my old website's photo gallery which ran the excellent Gallery2 software. For a number of reasons, I decided to move all my photos to my Flickr account. (I wanted to make use of the community features on flickr, I was failing to keep my Gallery2 install updated and my Android phone makes it really easy to upload photos direct to Flickr).

Timelapse photography

Control of cameras for time-lapse photography

Using PICs

PICs (programmable integrated circuits) to have timers etc so it would be possible to make a decent time-lapse controller using a PIC but it would take a lot of effort to programme. Advantages: low cost, lost power consumption. Disadvantages: would take ages to develop, would only work with a camera that I'd hacked, would only control one camera, can't be network-attached, can't control camera settings etc

Using a laptop


Runs on Linux, supports loads of cameras, is scriptable

Colour Profiling and Calibration


Misc notes

New computer monitors

Calibrations and Profiling


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