Insulating our Victorian living room part 2

We live in an end-of-terrace Victorian house, built around 1905.  I've spent the last few years insulating our living room.  This blog post is the second in a two-part story.  By the end of the first part of the story, our living room looked like this:


I'm pleased to say that our living room now looks like this:


One big design change since my last blog is that we decided to install wet underfloor heating ourselves.

So, let's start the story...

Drilled hole for Mechanical Ventilator with Heat Recovery

 Today I drilled the hole for our mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit.  Quite a scary drill but it went without any serious problems.  My biggest fear was that the drill would "kick" really hard if it suddenly jammed but the drill had an automatic clutch so it would disengage whenever the drill got stuck.  It still kicks a bit, but not too hard.

Our Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery unit has arrived

 I'm in the middle of renovating our living room:


We're insulating the external walls and floor and making it as airtight as possible.  Airtight construction is good for minimising heat losses but not so good for breathing.  So we bought a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit which pulls warm, stale air out of the room and sucks in fresh air.  It transfers 85% of the heat from the warm exhaust air to the incoming fresh air.  So you get fresh air without wasting too much heat.

If you're interested, I've written up my MVHR research on EnviroWiki:

The unit has just arrived.  I'll install it over the next few days.

IMAG0311 IMAG0312

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