New year HTPC woes

(Happy new year!)

We have a home theatre PC dating back to about 2006 running Windows Vista and Windows Media Centre with a FreeView DTB card. It was working perfectly. But, for some reason, Microsoft have stopped providing electronic program guide (EPG) data from 1st Jan 2013. So we can't see the programme guide (hence we can't schedule recordings, which is one of the main functions of our HTPC). It's not clear if MS have decided to kill off the service deliberately (they seem to have gone off WMC) or if it's just a bug.

UPDATE 3/1/2013: MS have just fixed their EPG data. It's working again!

Here are some notes for alternatives I've tried:

Re-installing Windows Vista x64 Media Center

update 13/11/2014 We got the dreaded "component registration failure" message again. has a few good ideas on how to fix this issue. The fix that worked for me was to delete recordings.xml. No need to re-install Vista. Phew! The old post is below.

Linux Home Theatre PC notes

We have had a HTPC as our main source of TV content since about 2006.  We started with MediaPortal but I couldn't get that stable so we switched to Vista Media Center which does actually work quite well but I've always wanted to try to put Linux on our HTPC.  Below are my notes.

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