Solar-powered rainwater pump

I plan to build (or buy) a solar-powered pump to take water from our main rainwater tank uphill to the top of the garden.  This second tank would then be able to gravity-feed a hose pipe for watering the garden, instead of having to use watering cans (I'm lazy).

Links for solar-powered rainwater pumps:

Plants notes


Wormery arrived

A friend bought us a wormery as our wedding present and it's just arrived.  Owning a wormery wont reduce the amount of food waste we send to landfill because we already send most of our food waste to our compost heap or dog.  But owning a wormery will hopefully mean that we can reduce (perhaps to zero) the amount of plant food and potting compost we buy (which isn't much).  Plus, who doesn't love worms?

IMAG0303 IMAG0304

Eventually I'll build a shelf above the compost bin to store the wormery.

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