Eclipse notes

Manually install Eclipse on Ubuntu and add Eclipse to Ubuntu Unity launcher

Build Project shortcut not working in Eclipse 4.2

There is a problem with Eclipse 4.2 and 4.2.1 whereby the "build project" keyboard shortcut does not work when editing text. The bug report is here with a candidate patch, which works for me.

Eclipse CDT, git and make - notes

  1. File > Import > Git > Projects from Git

Eclipse with SVN and NXJ

One of the most enjoyable courses I took during the Imperial MSc in Computing Science I did from 2010-2011 was the Robotics course. Every week we learnt about a cool new technique in a lecture and then we put that new technique into practice. My group decided to abandon "Robot-C" compiler and instead use a Java implementation called NXJ.  Below are my notes on configuring Eclise, SVN and NXJ to work on the Imperial Ubuntu Linux machines.

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