OpenTRV: Open-source home heating control

This project looks like it could be the start of something I've been after for years: Open-Source Thermostatic Radiator Valve (OpenTRV)


Article on OpenTRV on AutomatedHome



An interesting read Jack, you might be interested in looking at who has already implemented some of this with the ELV (Conrad I think) radiator valves etc. I was looking an doing something similar myself with a combination of remote temperature sensors and Emoncms but for the time being am using Honeywell HR80's and Honeywell Evotouch although what I have found in general is because it doesn't have any front end app or iPad/iPhone app support (such as offered by Heatmiser) the program changes don't happen as much as I would like.

Wow, thanks loads for the link to the site. Full of really useful stuff! I have emailed Damon (the guy who started the OpenTRV project) to point him towards the site.

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