Maker Spaces in and around Peckham

There are (at least) two new "Maker Spaces" in or near to Peckham...

In Peckham's Bussey Building there is the new Hub Workshop which opened in 2015, I think. They have a laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router and some other cool things. Very excited about this as it's just a 10 minute walk from my house! Not sure they have much in the way of electronics test tools?

In Herne Hill there's the new South London Makerspace. They also have a 3D printer, laser cutter and other tools and a bunch of electronics test tools. They opened in 2014.

There are also a number of other cool workshops near Peckham. Take a look at the Open Workshop Network map

(huge thanks to Martin Dittus for many of these links!)


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