General "smart home" and "home automation" links

Just a list of links with some notes. By no means exhaustive. Please, please go ahead an leave a comment if you know of any other good home automation links!

  • Robert Hekkers (an amazing hacker in Holland) has done lots and LOTS of "smart home hacking". Here's the web interface to his Domotica home automation / monitoring system. He monitors gas usage, power usage, water, heating, light, temperature, motion, taking photos when someone presses the door bell, which windows are open etc etc. Remarkable stuff.
  • Home Automation Hub (HAH): an open-source system running on a re-purposed router. Active forum and wiki.
  • Google's "Andriod@Home" project.
  • WikiPedia page on Home Automation
  • Fhem "is a GPL'd perl server for house automation. It is used to automate some common tasks in the household like switching lamps / shutters / heating / etc. and to log events like temperature / humidity / power consumption. The program runs as a server, you can control it via web or smartphone frontends, telnet or TCP/IP directly."
  • SmartThings on Kickstarter "SmartThings makes it easy to connect the things in your physical world to the Internet. You can monitor, control, automate, and have fun with them from anywhere - at home or abroad, city or country. We've made it possible to install apps that mash up and interact with your SmartThings, as well as online and other services, unlocking a world of possibilities and unlimited potential to make your life easier, more convenient and fun. We call these SmartApps."
  • nest - smart and pretty heating control (but no room-by-room control?! gah.)
  • Open Remote - "Open Source Automation Platform"
  • Open standards are essential (surely?)
  • OPENARCH "Openarch is a real prototype of a smart home. The first home designed from scratch to incorporate a digital layer connecting the house and its elements to the Internet. Its inhabitants lead a new digital and connected life. It is flexible and thanks to its ability to transform, it can adapt to any condition that the user requires." (thanks Becky for the link!)


Thanks for this Jack. Through one of those links I've discovered that the boiler I have has a CAN interface for communicating diagnostic information. Might have to see what CAN interfaces I have around to talk to it one day!

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