Project Dirt - Green Reasons to be Happy

A quick video showcasing environmental groups on Project Dirt

Selling my Brevis 35mm adapter

Hi folks, I'm selling my lovely Cinevate Brevis 35mm adapter. Grab a bargain.

Bellenden Big Lunch

DIY fluorescent light fixtures

PLL tubes, ballasts and holders

    Open letter to Nikon regarding movie mode, uncomressed RAW and RED

    Here's my open letter to Nikon pleading with them to develop a product to fill one of the gaps left by Thursday's RED announcements. Many people were expecting RED to announce a camera to compete directly with the Nikon D90 and Canon 5DmkII movie modes but that didn't happen (all the RED cameras with Nikon/Canon lens mounts are priced WAY WAY above a Nikon D90 or 5DmkII). I'm under no illusion - I expect this letter will be thrown in the bin but it's worth a shot; eh?!?

    • To: Nikon-Europe
    • Subject: Proposals for Movie Mode in dSLRs

    Dear Nikon,

    "Car Bomb" broadcast on Channel4 this Sunday and next Sunday

    In March, I spent a month travelling around the middle east and the USA for a documentary commissioned by Channel 4. I did the sound recording and some additional camera work for the film. The film is being broadcast on Sunday 27th at 7pm and on Sunday 3rd August at 7pm. More info about the film can be found on the Car Bomb page on Many Rivers Film's website.

    Car mounts

    Why the Canon HV20 is a poor choice for car mounts

    The bottom line is that the HV20's single CMOS imager has a rolling shutter (i.e. it doesn't read one entire frame at a time - instead it reads the top line first, then the second line, then the third etc etc). This produces nasty artefacts when the camera is vibrated. The resulting images look a little like jelly.

    Wide-angle adapters

    Not all wide-angle adapters produce barrel distortion. Aspheric adapters are particularly distortion free. The "Bolex Aspheron" (or some-such name) is apparently "the best wide-angle adapter" available. But you have to make your own housing for it and it costs about £420.Tom Hardwick over on knows lots about aspheric lenses. Wittner-Kinotechnik in Germany sell aspheric adapters

    There are loads of threads on about wideangle adapters


    Tests and thoughts about de-interlacing footage using Premiere Pro and aviSynth

    I've made quite a few notes over on this thread on The main observations are:


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