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Eclipse CDT, git and make - notes

  1. File > Import > Git > Projects from Git

Eclipse with SVN and NXJ

One of the most enjoyable courses I took during the Imperial MSc in Computing Science I did from 2010-2011 was the Robotics course. Every week we learnt about a cool new technique in a lecture and then we put that new technique into practice. My group decided to abandon "Robot-C" compiler and instead use a Java implementation called NXJ.  Below are my notes on configuring Eclise, SVN and NXJ to work on the Imperial Ubuntu Linux machines.

Under floor heating notes

Very rough notes for our DIY-installed living room UFH

Questions to get answered:

Plants notes


Double Glazing notes

Final Solution:

We went with Draught Busters Ltd to make and install the windows.  Great company; very easy to work with.  Mel spent a lot of time helping me to get what we wanted.  The final solution was to ask Draught Busters Ltd to make the frames.  If I remember correctly, the glass we specified was a 24mm unit fro

Insulating our Victorian living room

A quick health warning: the blog below makes it sound like it's a huge amount of effort to insulate a Victorian property.  And it was a huge amount of work to do our living room!  But I'd say that 90% of the work we had to do was correcting mistakes made by previous owners / the original builders.  If we had started with a healthy Victorian house then it would have taken a fraction of the time.  OK.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Let's start the story...

We have a draughty, poorly insulated Victorian end-of-terrace house.  Back in January 2009, the weather was freezing and work was quiet so I decided to take the plunge and insulate our living room.

Here's what the living room looked like before I got stuck in:


Not only did I want to reduce our gas consumption but the room was also decidedly uncomfortable on cold winter days: even if we left the heating on all day, the living room would still be uncomfortably chilly.

The original plan: On the floor, I planned to pull up the floor boards, install chicken wire under the joists, lay glass fibre insulation between the joists and re-lay the floor boards.  On the external walls, I intended to glue 60mm Kingspan K17 insulated dry lining board directly to the walls.  Before starting the project, I expected it to take a month (i.e. January 2009).  At the time of writing (July 2010) the project still isn't finished, largely because the room provided plenty of surprises once we started revealing the underlying structure.

And here's what it looks like after 18 months of work!


London to Spain: trains, planes and French rail strikes

My wife and I spent a week away in Spain at the end of May. We attempted to do the whole return trip on trains. We managed to do the return journey by train. But the outward journey was slightly hampered by French rail strikes!

Lots of photos and notes below, including CO2 comparisons.  And a description of the joy of French rail strikes.

We travelled 2,000km on electric vehicles, reaching a top speed of 190MPH.  Without charging our vehicles' batteries once!

Plane versus train and ferry for London to Belfast

 Last weekend my wife and I went to Belfast for one of our best friend's 30th birthday parties.  We travelled from London to Belfast by EasyJet and from Belfast to London by train and ferry.  We did look into getting the train & ferry for the outbound journey but unfortunately it takes too long: the journey takes about 13 hours door to door.  But we finished work at 11pm on the Friday and we had to be in Belfast for 2pm on Saturday.  Flying was the only way to get to Belfast in time.  To be honest, we had planned to return by plane too but the ash cloud looked set to disrupt our flight so we got a refund and booked a train and ferry home!

Our return journey

Drilled hole for Mechanical Ventilator with Heat Recovery

 Today I drilled the hole for our mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit.  Quite a scary drill but it went without any serious problems.  My biggest fear was that the drill would "kick" really hard if it suddenly jammed but the drill had an automatic clutch so it would disengage whenever the drill got stuck.  It still kicks a bit, but not too hard.


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