Notes on running Ubuntu Linux on my HP ProBook 6450b


To get the wifi to work correctly, I had to do sudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source  source

Eclipse notes

Manually install Eclipse on Ubuntu and add Eclipse to Ubuntu Unity launcher

Build Project shortcut not working in Eclipse 4.2

There is a problem with Eclipse 4.2 and 4.2.1 whereby the "build project" keyboard shortcut does not work when editing text. The bug report is here with a candidate patch, which works for me.

Solar Thermal notes

Notes whilst gearing up to install a solar thermal system in Summer 2011:


Notes on using Doxygen

LaTeX output

First produce the latex header (source): doxygen -w latex latex/header.tex latex/doxygen.sty Doxyfile

Then make a simple latex/wrapper.tex file:


Notes on using GNUplot

Outputting from GNUplot to PDFLaTeX

In gnuplot:
set format "$%g$";

Current Cost notes

Information received in an email from Current Cost:

1) Yes, the data is sent from the transmitter every 6 seconds. It's an instantaneous reading taken every six seconds.

Using LaTeX with Emacs



Eclipse CDT, git and make - notes

  1. File > Import > Git > Projects from Git

Eclipse with SVN and NXJ

One of the most enjoyable courses I took during the Imperial MSc in Computing Science I did from 2010-2011 was the Robotics course. Every week we learnt about a cool new technique in a lecture and then we put that new technique into practice. My group decided to abandon "Robot-C" compiler and instead use a Java implementation called NXJ.  Below are my notes on configuring Eclise, SVN and NXJ to work on the Imperial Ubuntu Linux machines.

Under floor heating notes

Very rough notes for our DIY-installed living room UFH

Questions to get answered:


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