Response to DECC's Smart Metering Implementation Programme: consultation on draft licence conditions and technical specification

Consultation question 24: Do you think that there are other requirements that the Government should adopt in the SMETS? Please explain your reasoning.

Make reactive power readings available over the HAN/WAN

Solar-powered rainwater pump

I plan to build (or buy) a solar-powered pump to take water from our main rainwater tank uphill to the top of the garden.  This second tank would then be able to gravity-feed a hose pipe for watering the garden, instead of having to use watering cans (I'm lazy).

Links for solar-powered rainwater pumps:

LaTeX, Lyx, MetaUML & Zotero on Ubuntu

Lyx is an open-source word processor built on top of LaTeX and Zotero is modern, open-source bibliography management package with "cloud" features. MetaUML is a system for creating UML diagrams in LaTeX (it's frankly pretty painful to use but it does produce professional looking results). This post is where I keep my notes about installing and configuring LaTeX, Lyx and Zotero on my Ubuntu system at Imperial (where I do not have root access).

Linux Home Theatre PC notes

We have had a HTPC as our main source of TV content since about 2006.  We started with MediaPortal but I couldn't get that stable so we switched to Vista Media Center which does actually work quite well but I've always wanted to try to put Linux on our HTPC.  Below are my notes.

Notes on running Ubuntu Linux on my HP ProBook 6450b


To get the wifi to work correctly, I had to do sudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source  source

Eclipse notes

Manually install Eclipse on Ubuntu and add Eclipse to Ubuntu Unity launcher

Build Project shortcut not working in Eclipse 4.2

There is a problem with Eclipse 4.2 and 4.2.1 whereby the "build project" keyboard shortcut does not work when editing text. The bug report is here with a candidate patch, which works for me.

Solar Thermal notes

Notes whilst gearing up to install a solar thermal system in Summer 2011:


Notes on using Doxygen

LaTeX output

First produce the latex header (source): doxygen -w latex latex/header.tex latex/doxygen.sty Doxyfile

Then make a simple latex/wrapper.tex file:


Notes on using GNUplot

Outputting from GNUplot to PDFLaTeX

In gnuplot:
set format "$%g$";

Current Cost notes

Information received in an email from Current Cost:

1) Yes, the data is sent from the transmitter every 6 seconds. It's an instantaneous reading taken every six seconds.


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